Every patient is unique. Their treatments should be, too.

Dr. Patrick Sullivan

I am a Board Certified Emergency Physician who has been treating psychiatric emergencies and substance abuse for over a decade.


While I continue to work in the ER, I have now also opened a unique practice specializing in treating depression, PTSD, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, alcohol use disorder, chronic headaches, fibromyalgia and some other forms of chronic pain and addiction. I am a Board member of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians, Psychotherapists & Practitioners and have participated in the KRIYA Ketamine Conferences. I’m am a certified TMS provider and a member of the Clinical TMS Society. I am the only certified provider of The Sinclaire Method in New Jersey for the treatment of alcohol use disorder.


We’ve also formed a “Concierge Medicine Program” that tailors to working professionals and busy parents, providing advanced treatment solutions in a confidential and private environment. For clients looking for more than a 12-step program and group meetings, and not interested in inpatient psychiatric or detox programs, this is what you have been looking for. Our program provides you powerful treatment options while continuing to enjoy the comforts of home, and the ability to work and remain highly functional during your treatment.


I’ve assembled a team of experienced ER nurses and licensed, experienced therapists to help patients overcome the most difficult cases of mood disorders, alcohol addiction, and some forms of chronic pain. I believe this comprehensive approach provides the best opportunity for patients to find their new beginnings.


Rena Beyer, MSW, LSCW

I have been a licensed psychotherapist for over four years, working in various settings: in-home therapeutic services, therapeutic foster care, residential treatment facilities, public schools, and private practice.


I joined the Initia Nova team to develop a groundbreaking new treatment for PTSD and mood disorders. In private practice, I noticed that many of my clients were struggling to talk about their traumatic experiences. Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy can help patients feel more comfortable processing those past experiences, while improving mood overall.


I address various needs including trauma, grief and loss, suicidal thoughts, behavioral issues, and relationship issues, as well as problems related to depression, anxiety, anger, and stress. Needs do not exist within a vacuum, so I take each client’s experiences, family dynamics, and upbringing into consideration in treatment. Therapy is a personal journey where the therapist-client relationship is most important, and I strive to establish an honest and warm working relationship with each client.

Rena Beyer, MSW, LCSW | Initia Nova

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