Advanced Solutions for New Beginnings

Initia Nova means new beginnings. 

For many of us, years of stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and flawed coping skills have robbed us of our happiness, patience, and true personalities.
At Initia Nova, we create individualized programs aimed to reset your brain’s neurochemistry and offer a new beginning — a path to rediscover the joys in life and relationships and find the real you again.


Start your new beginning today.

Patient and Family Testimonials

Dr. Sullivan is a consummate professional and goes out of his way to provide a level of service and care not seen in most practices.

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“When I met Dr. Sullivan, I was having significant headaches every other day (15-17 a month), which was causing me to overuse medication and feel completely hopeless. Dr. Sullivan worked tirelessly to find a solution that would work for me, despite the resistant nature of my headaches.”

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Dr. Sullivan is not only intelligent and skillful, but he genuinely cares.

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“I can’t say enough about Initia Nova. For years, I lived with anxiety and depression that was at times, crippling…If you’re struggling, I highly recommend looking at Initia Nova and ketamine therapy. I saw it as a last-ditch effort for me but now I wish I had tried this treatment ten years ago. I can honestly say that Initia Nova has given me a new outlook on life and my kids have their dad back.”

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“It may sound too good to be true, but it is not. As an HCP myself, I can say with confidence that Dr. Sullivan is one of the most innovative, sincere physicians you and I will ever encounter.”

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“For much of my adult life I struggled with alcohol abuse and dependency issue coupled with what I can only describe in simple terms as a “deep seated sense of restlessness.” Through meeting and working with Dr. Sullivan and being put on a treatment plan tailored to my specific needs and situation I’m happy to say that that has come to an end!”

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“I consider the staff at Initia Nova to be like family. The doctor, nurses, and therapist truly listen to me- they take my feedback seriously and adjust my treatment accordingly, if be necessary.”

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“Dr Sullivan otherwise referred to as Rocky and his team of mental health professionals have truly turned things around for me. From the cutting-edge medical techniques he uses, to the unselfish continual time he dedicates to his patients and their success, the treatment is top notch.”

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“All the staff and Dr. Sullivan are wonderful! If you’re suffering with depression, you found the right place!”

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“if you are struggling with anxiety or depression, I highly recommend you schedule an appointment with Dr. Sullivan at Initia Nova. I have never felt so happy and healthy in my entire life.”

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“The comprehensive treatment options and absolute care, compassion, and guidance received during my time at Initia Nova are so unprecedented, no review could ever do it justice. My treatment plan was individualized from the beginning and was consistently focused on my healing and comfort level.”

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“Dr. Sullivan makes himself easily accessible to his patients, which is a great support for those that are struggling.”

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“Dr. Patrick Sullivan is the ONLY doctor who was able to successfully help me with my physical dependence on opioids. My quality of life has improved dramatically thanks to his advanced treatment modalities and his ability to think outside the traditional medical box. I would encourage anyone to contact Dr. Sullivan as I believe you will not find a better doctor anywhere.”

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“If you want the BEST in medical care, go to Dr. Sullivan. Dr. Sullivan–he truly walks the journey with you.”

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“I am so grateful to have found Initia Nova. I would recommend his services to anyone struggling with addiction.”

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“If you or yours are struggling, I highly recommend you check this place out. I’ve never had a doctor in my life who cared as much before, and I doubt you have, either. Highly recommend.”

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“I would highly recommend Dr Sullivan and want to thank him.”

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“Dr. Sullivan is genuine in his desire to help patients conquer their addiction…He truly cares about YOU and your wellbeing.”

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“One thing that mood inventories can’t capture — what can’t be quantified on a scale of one to ten — is just the subjective feeling of being myself again. I don’t know how you can adequately thank somebody for something so momentous.”

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“I have met with their therapist, and she is the best therapist I have ever talked to! I would highly recommend Initia Nova to anyone suffering with migraines, depression/anxiety, or PTSD!”

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“In all my years of struggling with mental illness, I’ve never met a physician who I felt was a partner in my mental wellbeing… then I met Patrick Sullivan.”

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“This treatment didn’t just save my life — it inspired me to change my life.”

– N (South Jersey)

April 2019

“I truly feel my life is turning around and I am able to move forward.”

– Erin (Marlton, NJ)

May 2018

“I am 99.9% positive Dr Sullivan saved my husband’s life and 100% positive he saved our marriage.”

– Rocshae Flanary

February 2018

“When I say that ketamine saved my life, I am by no means exaggerating. Four months before my first ketamine treatment, I made a serious attempt on my life. Eight months after my first ketamine treatment, I am not just surviving, I am thriving…”

– SP, South Jersey

“Dr. Sullivan very well may have saved my life.”

– M (Philadelphia, PA)

April, 2017

“The treatment gave me a life I thought was impossible to have.”

– J.M. (South Jersey)

December 2016

“I have made such an enormous amount of progress”

– A (South Jersey)

“Dr. Patrick Sullivan is the ONLY doctor who was able to successfully help me with my physical dependence on opioids.”

Joseph D (Pennsylvania)

December 2019