Advanced Solutions for New Beginnings

Initia Nova means new beginnings. 

For many of us, years of stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and flawed coping skills have robbed us of our happiness, patience, and true personalities.
At Initia Nova, we create individualized programs aimed to reset your brain’s neurochemistry and offer a new beginning — a path to rediscover the joys in life and relationships and find the real you again.


Start your new beginning today.

Patient and Family Testimonials

“Dr. Patrick Sullivan is the ONLY doctor who was able to successfully help me with my physical dependence on opioids.”

Joseph D (Pennsylvania)

December 2019

“This treatment didn’t just save my life — it inspired me to change my life.”

– N (South Jersey)

April 2019

“I truly feel my life is turning around and I am able to move forward.”

– Erin (Marlton, NJ)

May 2018

“I am 99.9% positive Dr Sullivan saved my husband’s life and 100% positive he saved our marriage.”

– Rocshae Flanary

February 2018

“When I say that ketamine saved my life, I am by no means exaggerating. Four months before my first ketamine treatment, I made a serious attempt on my life. Eight months after my first ketamine treatment, I am not just surviving, I am thriving…”

– SP, South Jersey

“Dr. Sullivan very well may have saved my life.”

– M (Philadelphia, PA)

April, 2017

“The treatment gave me a life I thought was impossible to have.”

– J.M. (South Jersey)

December 2016

“I have made such an enormous amount of progress”

– A (South Jersey)