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Concierge Medicine for Alcoholism

Concierge Medicine for Alcoholism and Substance Abuse

Alcohol Use Disorder is a neurobiological disease and needs to be treated as such. While an inpatient detox can cost $10,000, and a 30 day rehab up to $30,000, these often have little long term success. Traditional 12-step programs have about a 5% success rate of sobriety after a year. Additionally, most outpatient programs require you to work around their schedule and participate in group counseling.


At Initia Nova, we tailor an individual program to meet your needs. Our Concierge Medicine Program starts with a thorough assessment with our physician, who then works with the counseling team to develop an individualized treatment program specific to you. The doctor will prescribe you medications and explain how to use them. Our Clinical Coordinator will assess your therapy needs, and you will start individual counseling with one of our experienced therapists as you start to learn to live without alcohol and the unique challenges that might present for you.


You will initially speak frequently with the doctor and therapist, which is vitally important in the first few weeks of treatment as you deal with cravings, anxiety, and insomnia. This may be in the office, video sessions, or by phone or text, whichever is best for your situation and confidentiality. We also include couples/family counseling to help support your loved ones affected by this disorder and repair your relationships.


Through our maintenance therapy program, we retrain your brain to first learn to live without alcohol, and then learn to love your new life and all the joys that go with it. We help you cope in the real world, where alcohol still exists, but you are able to choose not to use it, while enjoying the comforts of living at home and the ability to go to work. The program involves starting medications to help you stop drinking or significantly reduce your alcohol intake to safe levels, and then address any resultant anxiety, depression or sleep issues that may arise.


You will work closely with our physician through office visits and phone calls or texts to find the right combination of medications for you, and restore you to your highest level of functioning. It is this close and frequent interaction that affords our program the highest chances of success. We have different treatment options depending on your needs and finances, but we recommend at least a 3 month month program for optimal success. Our physician will do a free consultation and decide if you qualify for our program and which level is best for you. Email us today for more information: info@myinitianova.com.


  • Dual Diagnosis Concierge Medicine Program – 3 month package: $8,900
    • Includes prescribing and titrating of medications
    • Individual counseling
    • Couples/family counseling
    • Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)
    • Infusions of NAD+
    • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) if needed
    • Text communication with your treatment team
    • $4900 deposit due at start of program and $4000 due in one month
  • Concierge Medicine – 3 month package: $4,900
    • Includes prescribing and titrating of medications
    • Individual counseling
    • Couples and/or family counseling
    • Text communication with your treatment team
    • Payment due in full at start of program
  • 1 month package: $1,900
    • Includes initial evaluation by physician
    • Prescribing medications and instructions on how to use including The Sinclaire Method
    • 2 total physician visits
    • 2 individual counseling sessions
    • Payment due in full at start of program.)