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Patient and Family Testimonials

Patient and Family Testimonials

“For the first time in almost 14 years – I noticed I was feeling the heat of the sun when I went outside…that’s when I knew something amazing was happening.”

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My days are worth living now, which is something that was incredibly difficult for me to say before the program – all thanks to Dr. Sullivan and his amazing staff.

“After 14+ years of suffering from moderate to severe depression and anxiety while being treated with traditional SSRIs and SRNIs with every combination in between, I accepted that my life would never be “normal” again. I accepted that my new baseline would be spending many days if not weeks each month calling out of work, refusing to talk to anyone and spending my “off” days and nights in a dark room not feeling anything and just being numb to the world around me. The enjoyment I used to get out of all my passions left me, my hobbies dwindled away and I was just existing for the sake of having to. After 14 years of this behavior, you forget how enjoyable life can actually be.
After my last medication stopped working as they all did over the years, I begged my therapist for something that could help as I couldn’t go through the agonizing pain of titrating off a failed medication and suffering withdrawal symptoms as well as taking on a new wave of side effects with a new medication. She recommended speaking with Dr. Sullivan about the potential for a Ketamine treatment program and of course I ignored it thinking that nothing would help. Being the great therapist that she is, each session she would try to warm me up to the idea of speaking to him and after a few months I eventually gave in. 
I still remember the initial call I had with Dr. Sullivan because we spoke for over an hour and I was floored that he was willing to spend so much time going through all of my questions, concerns, fears and everything in between regarding the Ketamine program. He was incredibly professional yet comforting and understood what I had been going through over the years. Everything on paper sounded right and the program was perfect for me except that nagging fear of “what if” – what if the Ketamine program didn’t work and I was back to yet another unsuccessful depression treatment with nowhere to turn. After waffling back and forth for a few weeks I begrudgingly signed up for the program thinking I would just get it over with and prove to myself that once again nothing could help me.
After my 4th infusion, nothing had changed and I felt I justified to myself that the program would not work and was ready to stop the treatment program. Dr. Sullivan was very encouraging to continue for another 1-2 treatments as everyone reacts differently and that magic number is hard to find when things could start shifting in the right direction. For me, a few days after my 5th treatment – for the first time in almost 14 years – I noticed I was feeling the heat of the sun when I went outside…that’s when I knew something amazing was happening. Over the next weeks, both family and friends noticed something different in me but they couldn’t quite place it – but the reality was they were seeing someone who was genuinely feeling happy for the first time in ages.
Fast forward 3 years and to say the treatment plan was a success would be doing a massive disservice to how significant my life changed afterwards. I finally feel that I have control over my depression and I’m living a life I thought was lost to me and could never regain. My hobbies and passions started returning over time, and I’m finding enjoyment in areas I never did before. My days are worth living now, which is something that was incredibly difficult for me to say before the program – all thanks to Dr. Sullivan and his amazing staff. They feel like family to me now and I’m not sure what I would do without them in my life. 
If you are on the fence about the program, please reach out to Dr. Sullivan…you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. “
-SP, April 2022

“I felt supported, looked after, and cared for by Dr. Sullivan and his team during my first
ketamine infusion and every infusion since.”

Disclaimer: I want to iterate that the below is no way in me prescribing a blueprint to get well nor am I a medical professional. This is my personal journey and this is what has worked for me.


Over the course of ten plus years I had been working diligently to find help for my symptoms that only seemed to worsen over time despite the efforts of countless mental health professionals ranging across different disciplines, schools of thought, and orientation. It felt as if all the color in my life had been sucked out, and as time went on, I had such limited functioning that activities of daily living became near impossible – making it beyond challenging to research, call, set up, and meet with professionals. By the time I discovered Initia Nova I was in a really bad shape, feeling absolutely depleted.


I entered Dr. Sullivan’s clinic in a catatonic state, papers in hand, which I had typed out in advance detailing my medical history as well as what I am experiencing at the moment due to the fact that I had trouble speaking. I was immediately greeted with a warm smile and hello by him and his team. Having experienced a great deal of medical trauma throughout my life I was feeling extremely apprehensive, on edge, and beyond anxious. During our intake I was given plenty of space to speak and he was extremely patient with me as I struggled to get words out. He took the time to really listen to me and answer any questions/ concerns I had, and as an individual who experiences a great deal of anxiety, I had many. In addition, he explained his decision-making process and why he made certain suggestions but never forced anything upon me and always left it up to me to make the final decision. I felt heard, listened to, and seen. I felt human.


I felt supported, looked after, and cared for by Dr. Sullivan and his team during my first ketamine infusion and every infusion since. Over the course of much of my life it felt as if I was drowning and being thrashed by a raging sea but now, I had a life vest. I slowly began to regain my functioning and it felt as if I was able to pop my head out of the water and breathe again. This allowed me the energy and mental space to assemble and work with a care team composed of therapists, a psychiatrist, and a physician that I hand selected, and who I click with to which I still work with to this day in conjunction to the infusions. It has been a little over a year since I received my first infusion and I still have routine infusions to this day as a part of my maintenance plan. I have and continue to regain my functioning and it feels as if color is continuing to paint itself back into my life. I look forward to seeing Dr. Sullivan and his team at every appointment, Initia Nova feels like my second home. It is remarkable what can happen when a patient puts in effort to get well along with compassionate professionals who take a human & individual centered approach to their practice. I am eternally grateful to have discovered and work with Dr. Sullivan, his team, and their practice.


Jeong W, April 2022


“I felt supported, looked after, and cared for by Dr. Sullivan and his team during my first
ketamine infusion and every infusion since.”

NAD+ infusions, ketamine infusions, the Bridge device, prescription medications and counseling for opioid dependence

“Dr. Patrick Sullivan is the ONLY doctor who was able to successfully help me with my physical dependence on opioids. My quality of life has improved dramatically thanks to his advanced treatment modalities and his ability to think outside the traditional medical box.


Twenty years ago my pain management doctor started me on opioid therapy for chronic pain that had become too severe for NSAIDs and other modalities. After only three months of taking opiates for my pain, I wanted to discontinue them because of several negative side effects.


Over the last 20 years, with my doctor’s approval and supervision, I unsuccessfully tried 14 times to wean off the opioids using various methods including an expensive “rapid detox” which failed miserably.


I considered a standard detox at INPATIENT facilities but decided against it because of their methods of “detoxing” patients and their notoriously dismal failure rate. It made no sense to take Suboxone, a narcotic, to get me off a narcotic. It just made no sense to me. Also, they treated patients as if they were mere numbers. Then I came across Dr. Sullivan and Initia Nova.


I contacted Patrick through his website and we communicated for over two months by email. I’ve never come across a doctor who was so willing to answer all of my questions in such great detail requiring so much of his time. We must have emailed some twenty times over two months.


He invited me to meet for a free consultation during which we made a tentative plan for how he might be able to get me off opioids using innovative methods. His plan made complete sense to me and we scheduled my OUTPATIENT treatment for opioid dependence.


Patrick’s treatment plan worked perfectly! I’m writing this review on the 50th day that I’ve been free of opiates!! I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied with my results. Dr. Sullivan is the kind of doctor that we all hear about and hope for but rarely encounter. He is totally professional and more compassionate and patient than any physician I’ve ever met. His wealth of medical knowledge is truly impressive. He treats the individual patient and not just the patient’s medical problems. This is incredibly rare.


Even more rare is that he is using modalities that are at the cutting edge of medicine. If not for Patrick and his willingness to use these modalities, I would still be physically dependent on opioids.


I would encourage anyone to contact Dr. Sullivan as I believe you will not find a better doctor anywhere.”

– Joseph D (Pennsylvania), December 2019

“This treatment didn’t just save my life — it inspired me to change my life.”

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, and EMDR for PTSD and treatment-resistant depression

“I came to Initia Nova not with hope, but with desperation. I’d spent ten years unsuccessfully trying to treat my depression and PTSD with therapy and more than a dozen failed medications. I’d even seen a different ketamine clinic for about a year, but I knew it wasn’t enough when one day, I woke up and just couldn’t get out of bed — the idea of facing down one more day like that was more than I could bear. In addition to the depression, I have a rare endocrine disorder and autoimmune issues, so I knew I wasn’t an easy patient to treat.


Dr. Sullivan immediately made me feel confident that I came to the right place. It’s rare to find a provider with that combination of empathy and determination. He created a personalized program for me involving transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, and EMDR, and here’s the thing: it actually worked.


After a few weeks, I was starting to feel things I hadn’t experienced in years. Not just happiness, but better creativity, more closeness to the people in my life. I feel like myself again. I even worked up the courage to do something I’ve been putting off for years: apply to grad school and change my career (I got in, and I’m starting this fall!). This treatment didn’t just save my life — it inspired me to change my life.


I was honestly beginning to think that I was hopeless — that I’d tried almost everything, and that my unique case was just to difficult to treat. But Dr. Sullivan likes a challenge, and Mitch is truly a one-of-a-kind therapist. If you’ve played the SSRI game as long as I have and it hasn’t worked for you, I would recommend Initia Nova without hesitation.”

– N (South Jersey), April 2019

“I truly feel my life is turning around and I am able to move forward.”

Ketamine infusions for chronic migraines, depression, anxiety, and PTSD

“I have been seeing Dr Sullivan for a little over a year now. Initially it was to treat the chronic migraines that I’ve had since I was young. No doctor or medications had been helping and I ended up in the ER and getting admitted many times trying to find some kind of relief. Then I met Dr Sullivan in the ER and he told me about the work he’s been doing with ketamine.


I’d been given ketamine once in a different ER and it was the only thing that helped my migraines, however hospitals have strict policies on how they use it and the relief was short lived. After my first infusion with Dr Sullivan in his office, I was headache free for almost 5 weeks, which was the longest I had gone migraine free for years! I continued with a maintenance infusion every 5 weeks that allowed me to function at work, particularly reading a computer screen.


Now I am also getting help with my depression, anxiety and PTSD with the help of a therapist in the room while I’m getting an infusion done. We are able to talk about things that I would have a hard time discussing otherwise. I have noticed an extreme improvement in my mood. Being able to get up in the morning without feeling extreme dread to face the day. Being able to interact more with my son, and having more patience with things that would normally stress me out. I truly feel my life is turning around and I am able to move forward in life and it’s all thanks to Dr Sullivan and his amazing team!”


– Erin (Marlton, NJ), May 2018

“I am 99.9% positive Dr Sullivan saved my husband’s life and 100% positive he saved our marriage.”

Baclofen and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for alcoholism, depression, and PTSD

“Initia Nova (New Beginnings), and a truly new beginning for my husband and myself it has been. My husband is an alcoholic, he and I have fought with his addiction for well over two decades. He has attempted to quit drinking many times using different methods, only to fall down the same rabbit hole again and again. My husband’s disease was affecting our whole family and had started to negatively impact our daughter. We had hit rock bottom and I was ready to give up.


During this time period we tried to get help from a couple of different addiction centers who were not eager or interested in providing any help. I had recently read an article in the Metro about Initia Nova and decided to e-mail for more information, what could it hurt, right? We were contacted by Initia Nova Executive Director Mitchell Cogan the very same day and given an appointment for the next morning with Dr Sullivan for a consultation/evaluation.


Dr Sullivan was compassionate and truly interested in helping us recover from this disease. He immediately started treating my husband for withdrawal and anxiety, and developed a personalized treatment plan that included a daily prescription for Baclofen as well as starting Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy to treat his PTSD and depression. Since beginning treatment my husband’s personality and demeanor has totally changed for the better, he is back to the guy I fell in love with 25 years ago. At this point I am 99.9% positive Dr Sullivan saved my husband’s life and 100% positive he saved our marriage.


Don’t get me wrong, I was very skeptical in the beginning, I had been at this crossroads many times in the past. But now I see the progress my husband has made with the assistance of the Initia Nova team and I am convinced this treatment plan is working. To anyone struggling with addiction, PLEASE get help! Finding Initia Nova was hands down the best thing to ever happen to our family.


Thank you Initia Nova team, we are forever indebted to you!”

– Rocshae Flanary, February 2018

“When I say that ketamine saved my life, I am by no means exaggerating.”

Ketamine infusions, traditional medications, and therapy for treatment-resistant depression

“When I say that ketamine saved my life, I am by no means exaggerating. Four months before my first ketamine treatment, I made a serious attempt on my life. Eight months after my first ketamine treatment, I am not just surviving, I am thriving.


I was not new to the world of mental illness before my suicide attempt. Five years ago, I was admitted to intensive outpatient treatment, and since then I have been hospitalized 6 times, seen by 4 different routine therapists, and been prescribed over 10 separate medications. Ketamine therapy was truly my last hope. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would not be alive for my birthday in September, and I believe that my parents knew this as well. I was barely living, despite doing everything I should have been doing. I was working regularly, taking my medications, seeing my therapist and psychiatrist, staying social, and trying to live a semi-active lifestyle.


Nevertheless, I had lost hope. I was desperate, as were my parents, and we were willing to try anything.


I had found ketamine therapy while browsing online, but I was incredibly nervous, as I had been given ketamine several years before as an anesthetic and had a very negative reaction. Nevertheless, I scheduled an intake session and Dr Sullivan explained everything to me, answered all of my questions, and alleviated my (many) qualms. As I went into my fifth infusion (out of a series of six),) I was the closest to my genuine personality as I had been in almost a year. Dr Sullivan noted that I came in smiling, something he had not seen me do before. My family and friends noticed a drastic in my disposition, but I was worried that this would only be a temporary fix. It has since been about eight months since my initial infusion, and I am happy to say that with regular therapy, daily medications, and maintenance infusions, the difference has not been temporary.


About a year ago, my family was planning to take a winter vacation to Disney World. I was certain that I wouldn’t be alive for that trip. Just last week I cam back from a magical ten days in which I wore Mickey ears and a genuine smile, all thanks to ketamine therapy.”

– SP, South Jersey

“Dr. Sullivan very well may have saved my life.”

Baclofen therapy for alcohol addiction

“Dr. Sullivan very well may have saved my life.  After a decade of alcohol abuse I simply couldn’t break the pattern.  Eventually this resulted in some rather serious health issues (multiple bouts of acute pancreatitis).  Yet even still I continued to drink heavily, knowing very well another episode of acute pancreatitis could potentially kill me.


In meeting with Dr. Sullivan he could not have been more kind and understanding.  He prescribed me Baclofen Therapy.  Since then my urge and desire to drink has simply dissipated.  With the Baclofen I’ve reached a state of indifference towards alcohol coupled with a feeling of contentment that I can only imagine is how most non substance abusers feel regularly. 


I could not recommend Dr. Sullivan enough for those struggling with any form of substance abuse, anxiety, depression or compulsive behavior.”


– M (Philadelphia, PA), April, 2017

“The treatment gave me a life I thought was impossible to have.”

Ketamine therapy for depression, anxiety, and substance addiction

“This account I am writing to those who suffer from depression and anxiety. I too have gone through these disorders and for awhile did not realize I suffered from them. Most of my life I felt different and not a part of the world. My disorders lead me to self medicating and to eventually become fully dependent upon a substance.


For years, I have suffered from pain and loss. After many failures I was introduced to Initia Nova through a mutual party. As desperate as I was I’d try just about anything for help. After receiving one treatment of ketamine I was skeptical. How could this simple thing fix my life long struggle?


Soon enough, I started to feel a change. By the end of the treatment I felt a sense of freedom I had never experienced. I had been reborn as if a new born ready to start and explore life again. The chains that held me down for so long had been broken. I now understand why the facility is called Initia Nova (new beginnings). The treatment gave me a life I thought was impossible to have. I’m forever grateful. I wanted to write this account for those who are like myself and skeptical of this process. If you are like me, I strongly suggest you to dive into this and give yourself a break and to live the life you deserve.”


– J.M. (South Jersey), December 2016

“I have made such an enormous amount of progress”

Addiction treatment and couple’s counseling

“My husband and I met for a couple’s counseling session with Mitch and Doctor Sullivan for the first time. I was extremely impressed by their office in Cherry Hill. It was very clean, modern, and welcoming. They explained that my husband’s desire to heal himself, was vital to the program. We signed on as part of the Concierge Package to see Doctor Sullivan and Mitchell Cogan. As part of their Treatment program we would be able to speak to both Doctor Sullivan and Mitch at anytime via phone, during couple’s sessions, as well as personal sessions.


When I entered the program, I already knew that my husband had a disease. I came to learn through my sessions with Mitch, that I too had one. My life had become unmanageable. I was totally consumed and utterly overwhelmed with every aspect of my life and Mitch helped me start putting things in to perspective, and taught me to gain control of my life again.


I have made such an enormous amount of progress in the time that I have been seeing Mitch at Initia Nova, and I am forever grateful for the changes in my life. Mitch does not preach nor judge, but instead listens and advises to the best of his knowledge and ability. I would highly recommend Doctor Sullivan and Mitchell Cogan to anyone who struggles with addiction or alcoholism and their spouse and/or family. I am very fortunate to have met them, and thank them for their services through Initia Nova.”

– A (South Jersey)

The above testimonials represent the individual’s response to treatment. Individual results vary and no medical procedure is risk free. All patients must be evaluated by the physician to assess the appropriateness of treatment and discuss potential risks and complications.