"Dr. Sullivan very well may have saved my life.  After a decade of alcohol abuse I simply couldn't break the pattern.  Eventually this resulted in some rather serious health issues (multiple bouts of acute pancreatitis).  Yet even still I continued to drink heavily, knowing very well another episode of acute pancreatitis could potentially kill me.

In meeting with Dr. Sullivan he could not have been more kind and understanding.  He prescribed me Baclofen Therapy.  Since then my urge and desire to drink has simply dissipated.  With the Baclofen I've reached a state of indifference towards alcohol coupled with a feeling of contentment that I can only imagine is how most non substance abusers feel regularly.

I could not recommend Dr. Sullivan enough for those struggling with any form of substance abuse, anxiety, depression or compulsive behavior."

- M (Philadelphia, PA)"


"This account I am writing to those who suffer from depression and anxiety. I too have gone through these disorders and for awhile did not realize I suffered from them. Most of my life I felt different and not a part of the world. My disorders lead me to self medicating and to eventually become fully dependent upon a substance. For years I have suffered from pain and loss. After many failures I was introduced to Initia Nova through a mutual party. As desperate as I was I'd try just about anything for help. After receiving one treatment of ketamine I was skeptical. How could this simple thing fix my life long struggle? Soon enough I started to feel a change. By the end of the treatment I felt a sense of freedom I had never experienced. I had been reborn as if a new born ready to start and explore life again. The chains that held me down for so long had been broken. I now understand why the facility is called Initia Nova (new beginnings). The treatment gave me a life I thought was impossible to have. I'm forever grateful. I wanted to write this account for those who are like myself and skeptical of this process. If you are like me, I strongly suggest you to dive into this and give yourself a break and to live the life you deserve."

J.M. (Southern NJ)